How Times Have Changed

15th September 2020

How Times Have Changed

Lovely snippet from Chippenham Museum 

The row of shops adjacent to St Andrew’s Church is called London Buildings. An 18c façade hides a Tudor box-frame building. Strakers now occupy number 33/34, but in 1613 was occupied by the Lyon Inn, run by Francis Barnes.

In 1666 according to local legend, John Woodman of Kellaways hatched a plot in the Lyon Inn to set fire to London. He boasted that he would light enough bonfires to make “ sad a London as ever it was since the world began”. A warrant was issued for his arrest after the great Fire of London but he was never caught. A blue plaque celebrates this fanciful story.

Our Strakers office in Chippenham is set to get a makeover this year so it's lovely to look back at the history of the building.