Sales Progression

At Strakers we feel it is essential to nurture sales through to a successful completion, once a sale is agreed it is immediately taken under the wing of our specialist Sales Progressors who then look after every aspect of that transaction through to moving day!

Not only do we keep all parties fully informed every step of the way, we are also able to call upon the many years of experience 'at the sharp end' to solve any issues which may arise on the way! Being office based our progressors are therefore accessible when you need to speak to them, and without doubt their diligence and determination keeps many sales together which would otherwise falter!!

The ‘industry average’ and indeed expectation is for 30% of agreed sales to fall through ! Strakers annual statistics show that by taking a proactive stance to the many issues that inevitably crop up and need resolving the number of ‘lost sales’ has consistently been between 12-15 % and has never risen above 20% which is way better than usual expectations.

This success can be attributed to the diligence shown by our Sales Negotiators at the point of sale and without doubt to the hard work and determination of our Sales Progressors.  Whether buying or selling we are sure you will appreciate the reassurance  and direction provided by this aspect of our service.