Whether you are making initial enquiries to your lands potential, have an active planning consent already or indeed have had planning refused, we can help advise you on your options and best course of action.


Has my land got potential?

With a shortage of housing supply being an issue right across the Country, the need to provide deliverable housing to our local communities has never been greater.

Regardless of what stage you are at, we would love to help. We have an experienced Land team who will be happy to help advise on the sale of your land, taking into account your own individual circumstances.

Whether you are at the early stages of investigating your lands potential or whether you have already made steps; we are able to help and advise you on the best course of action.

We have strong working relationships with a number of local planning specialists and architects and will work collaboratively to ensure the advice we provide is both practical and optimising your lands potenital.

When selling land, you will often hear that a landowner has entered in to an option agreement or a promotion agreement, but what are they and what is the best way forward? It's not always clear cut.

Put simply, option agreements are entered into between the landowner and a developer and provide the developer with the option to purchase the land at any time during the agreed option period. The developer will commonly pay an upfront fee and will then look to apply for planning permission and if succesful will exercise notice to the landowner during the option period. The sale price often being determined by a formula for value as set out in the agreement. 

Promotion agreements have grown in popularity in recent years, in large part down to the owness of costs and risk being carried by 'the promoter' who will work on the landowners behalf in delivering an effective planning permission that can be sold on the open market to the prefered buyer at the best possible price. In return for this, the promoter will be paid based on a percentage of the uplift in value of the land once their costs have been allowed for. Both parties ambitions are alligned in working towards a mutual goal and it is likely this reason that has led to promotion agreements becoming more favoured in recent times.

All things considered, every situation is different and we can advise on what we propose the best course of action taking into account your own personal circumstances.

Overage agreements are often utilised in situations whereby it is unlikely that planning will be granted now, however the land that you are looking to sell offers some potential for development in the future. Working alongside experienced legal professionals we can put in place an overage provision that will ensure that you don't miss out should the land that you have sold obtain planning in the future. 

We are able to sell land with or without the benefit of planning consent. We will advise on the options available to you and once ready for sale, we will put in place a suitable marketing strategy taking into account your own individual circumstances. At Strakers, we have an extensive database of active developer clients looking for land and offer comprehensive and flexible advertising options to ensure your land is marketed in the best possible way. 

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