Is my property suitable for Auction?

Most properties are suitable for auction; however, some may be better with an alternative method of marketing.

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Which Properties Suit Auction?

Strakers sell a wide variety of property at auction and if you view our past results, you can see the different types. Property that suits selling via auction include houses/cottages and bungalows for renovation, properties with either legal issues or structural problem, building plots and development site, agricultural land or woodland, garaging and parking, commercial and residential investments.

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Who Sells at Auction

Pretty much anyone can sell via auction and our clients have included Councils and Housing Associations, Charity Organisations, Property Companies, Trustees, Solicitors and Banks as well as Private Individuals.

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Selling Probate Properties

Strakers sell many probate properties on behalf of the trustees and auction is ideal if the estate is looking to sell the property as efficiently and speedily as possible with a good price.

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Up together Properties

We sometimes sell property that is in excellent/good order throughout, and whilst this will ensure a quick sale, these properties rarely achieve the best price possible and other forms of marketing are advised in the first instance.

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